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Gravitational Perturbation of Traversable Wormhole Spacetime and the Stability

  • YuRi Kang
  • Sung-Won KimEmail author


In this paper, we study the gravitational perturbation of traversable wormhole spacetime, especially the Morris-Thorne wormhole spacetime, by using the linearized theory of gravity. We restrict our interest to the first order term and ignore the higher order terms. We assume that the perturbation is axisymmetric. We also assume that the time dependence follows the Fourier decomposition and the angular dependence is expressed in terms of the Legendre functions. As a result, we derive the gravitational perturbation equation of traversable wormhole in terms of a single linear second-order differential equation. As a consequence, we could analyze the unstability of the spacetime with the effective potentials. Furthermore, we consider the interaction between the external gravitational perturbation and the exotic matter, constituting traversable wormholes and its effect on the stability of traversable wormholes.


Gravitational perturbation Wormhole Stability 


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  1. 1.Department of Science EducationEwha Womans UniversitySeoulKorea

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