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Dirac Phenomenological Analyses of 1.047-GeV Proton Inelastic Scatterings from 62Ni and 64Ni

  • Sugie ShimEmail author


Unpolarized 1.047-GeV proton inelastic scatterings from the Ni isotopes 62Ni and 64Ni are analyzed phenomenologically employing an optical potential model and the first-order collective model in the relativistic Dirac coupled channel formalism. The Dirac equations are reduced to Schrödingerlike second-order differential equations, and the effective central and spin-orbit optical potentials are analyzed by considering the mass-number dependence. The multistep excitation via the 2+ state is found to be important for the 4+ state excitation in the ground state rotational band for proton inelastic scatterings from the Ni isotopes. The calculated deformation parameters for the 2+ and the 4+ states of the ground state rotational band and for the first 3 state are found to agree pretty well with those obtained from nonrelativistic calculations.


Dirac analysis Optical potential Coupled channel analysis Collective model Inelastic scattering 


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  1. 1.Department of PhysicsKongju National UniversityGongjuKorea

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