Journal of the Korean Physical Society

, Volume 69, Issue 11, pp 1625–1630 | Cite as

Analytic evaluation of the high-order quantum correlation for non-locality

  • Gwangil Bae
  • Wonmin Son


From the view of non-locality, a possible high-dimensional quantum correlation has been investigated. Specifically, the convex sum of high moment correlations in a maximally entangled state of d-dimensional systems has been evaluated. The problem is demonstrated to be finding the determinant of symmetric matrices. With the correlation, the violation of local hidden variable model is illustrated as a function of dimensionality. It is found that the correlation function becomes analytic at an asymptotic limit and it is shown that the values at the limit can be obtained from the recent mathematical theorem on the determinant of Toplitze matrix.


High order correlation Nonlocality Bell’s inequality 

PACS numbers

03.65.Ud 03.65.Fd 03.67.-a 


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Copyright information

© The Korean Physical Society 2016

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Department of PhysicsSogang UniversitySeoulKorea

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