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Tables of d′ for variable-standard discrimination paradigms


Signal detection theory (SDT) allows a bias-free measure of sensitivity, d′, to be simply estimated from discrimination data when certain conditions are met. The computation is not straightforward, however, in several popular discrimination designs, such as two- and four-interval same-different designs and the ABX design. The present tables, derived from the SDT models of Macmillan, Kaplan, and Creelman (1977), make possible the estimation of d’ from these complex discrimination designs.


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This research was supported by grants from NIMH and the PSC-BHE Research Award Program of the City University of New York to the second author, and by grants from the Canadian NRC and Canada Council to the third author.

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Kaplan, H.L., Macmillan, N.A. & Creelman, C.D. Tables of d′ for variable-standard discrimination paradigms. Behavior Research Methods & Instrumentation 10, 796–813 (1978).

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