Modifying law enforcement training simulators for use in basic research


Several approaches to using simulation as a method for teaching good judgment in the use of firearms by law enforcement officers and military personnel were investigated for their potential applications to research: the GAMMA Live Fire Video Training System, the FireArms Training Systems Simulator (FATS), and the Judgment Under Stress Training (JUST) simulator. Each instrument uses real-time, computer-controlled, life-sized projected video images of scenarios that may or may not present a threat, and handguns that fire real or simulated ammunition. The subjects respond to a sequence of “shoot/no-shoot” judgment scenarios resulting in data on judgment, reaction time, and accuracy. The JUST simulator was found to be more easily modifiable in capturing data on performance at microanalytic levels. Although true interactive simulations are not feasible with this system, this was not seen as a hindrance to its usefulness for research.

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This research was supported in part by a grant from the United States Array to the first two authors. The following people can be contacted for information on the equipment: FATS—Bill Davis, Law Enforcement Sales, Firearms Training Systems. Inc., 110 Technology Parkway, Norcross, GA 30092, (404) 448-7318, FAX (404) 242-6962. GAMMA Live Fire Video Training System—Brian L. Danielson. Vice President of Marketing, Caswell International Corporation. 1221 Marshall Street X.E., Minneapolis, MN 55413-1035, (612) 379-2000, (612) 379-2367. JUST System—Donna Eagle, Vice President of Sales. Audio Intelligence Devices: 1-800-243-4642. Audio Intelligence Devices is a wholly owned subsidiary of Westinghouse, Inc.

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