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EthoLog 2.2: A tool for the transcription and timing of behavior observation sessions

  • Eduardo B. OttoniEmail author


EthoLog is a tool that aids in the transcription and timing of behavior observation sessions—experimental or naturalistic, from video/audio tapes or registering real time. It was created with Visual Basic and runs on Windows (3.x / 9x). The user types the key codes for the predefined behavioral categories, and EthoLog registers their sequence and timing and saves the resulting data in ASCII output files. A sequential analysis matrix can be generated from the sequential data. The output files may be edited, converted to plain text files for printing, or exported to a spreadsheet program, such as MS Excel, for further analyses.


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  1. 1.Department of Experimental Psychology, Institute of PsychologyUniversity of São PauloS. PauloBrazil

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