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Determinants of polydipsia: VI. Taste of the drinking solution on DRL

  • Evalyn F. Segal
  • Sam A. Deadwyler
Animal Behavior


Three rats on DRL 30 for food developed polydipsia. One drank about the same amount of tap water, saccharine and quinine solutions, but more of saline. One drank about the same amount of water and quinine, but more of saccharine and saline. One drank more saccharine and saline, and less quinine, than water. Drinking in the first two Ss appears to have been controlled by factors additional to taste and thirst, but these appear adequate to explain the third S’s drinking.


Quinine Conditional Discrimination Left Graph Quinine Sulfate Saccharine Sodium 
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  1. Segal, Evalyn F., & Deadwyler, S. A. Determinants of polydipsia in rats: II. DRL extinction. Psychon. Sci., 1965, 2, 203–204.Google Scholar

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  • Evalyn F. Segal
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  • Sam A. Deadwyler
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  1. 1.San Diego State CollegeUSA

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