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Influence of collateral water drinking on bar pressing under complex reinforcement contingencies

  • Evalyn F. Segal
  • William M. Bandt
Animal Behavior Reinforcement


Rats were run on 2-link chained schedules. The first link was always FI 2 min.; the second link was either FR 10; DRL 10 sec.; or Concurrent FR 10 DRL 10 sec. All responding was on a single bar. Responding in the first link was reinforced by onset of the second-link stimulus, and in the second link by 45 mg Noyes food pellets. When the ad lib water bottle was removed from the chamber, rats on Chain FI FR or Chain FI DRL showed an increase in FI bar presses but no change in second-link behavior; rats on Chain FI Concurrent FR DRL showed the major change in the second link; DRL behavior was almost wholly replaced by FR behavior.


Reinforcement Contingency Noyes Food Pellet Collateral Water Drinking 
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  • Evalyn F. Segal
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  • William M. Bandt
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  1. 1.San Diego State CollegeSan DiegoUSA

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