Behavior Research Methods

, Volume 39, Issue 3, pp 635–650 | Cite as

Ensemble: A Web-based system for psychology survey and experiment management

  • Stefan T. Tomic
  • Petr JanataEmail author


We provide a description ofEnsemble, a suite of Web-integrated modules for managing and analyzing data associated with psychology experiments in a small research lab. The system delivers interfaces via a Web browser for creating and presenting simple surveys without the need to author Web pages and with little or no programming effort. The surveys may be extended by selecting and presenting auditory and/or visual stimuli with MATLAB and Flash to enable a wide range of psychophysical and cognitive experiments which do not require the recording of precise reaction times. Additionally, one is provided with the ability to administer and present experiments remotely. The software technologies employed by the various modules of Ensemble are MySQL, PHP, MATLAB, and Flash. The code for Ensemble is open source and available to the public, so that its functions can be readily extended by users. We describe the architecture of the system, the functionality of each module, and provide basic examples of the interfaces.


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  1. 1.Center for Mind and BrainUniversity of CaliforniaDavis

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