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Check Vocal: A program to facilitate checking the accuracy and response time of vocal responses from DMDX

  • Athanassios ProtopapasEmail author


CheckVocal is a Windows application that facilitates checking the accuracy and response time of recorded vocal responses in naming and other experimental tasks using the DMDX display and response collection software. CheckVocal handles all keeping-track and presents each recorded response audiovisually (as waveform, spectrogram, and sound played out) along with the corresponding printed correct response and registered response time. The user simply decides whether the response was correct, wrong, or missing, with a single mouse click advancing to the next response. Response time correction can be done manually or automatically (retriggering by a power threshold). Data safety and integrity is ensured by cross-checking and status saving, so that interrupted sessions can be resumed later. Check Vocal is freely available to the DMDX community via a dedicated Web page.


Correct Response Naming Task Audio File Timing Mark Vocal Response 
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