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Structure and algorithm of electronics of a multichannel crystal calorimeter for a high-rate trigger


An algorithm for computing the amplitudes and timing signals with continuous sampling in a multichannel calorimeter for high-energy physics is proposed. The structure of the developed hardware for implementation of this algorithm and the results of testing of production samples of electronic modules are presented.

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Correspondence to V. M. Aulchenko.

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Original Russian Text © V.M. Aulchenko, V.N. Zhilich, V.V. Zhulanov, A.S. Kuzmin, D.V. Matvienko, K.Mibayashi, I. Nakamura, Yu.V. Usov, B.G. Cheon, B.A. Shwartz, V.E. Shebalin, 2015, published in Avtometriya, 2015, Vol. 51, No. 1, pp. 39–47.

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Aulchenko, V.M., Zhilich, V.N., Zhulanov, V.V. et al. Structure and algorithm of electronics of a multichannel crystal calorimeter for a high-rate trigger. Optoelectron.Instrument.Proc. 51, 31–38 (2015).

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  • high-energy physics
  • detectors
  • calorimeters
  • data acquisition systems