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Measurement of the complex permittivity of polycrystalline diamond by the resonator method in the millimeter range


An improved resonator method is developed, which allows for a change in the resonator coupling coefficient at insertion of the sample during the measurement of the imaginary part of the material permittivity. The method makes it possible to measure small samples. The permittivity at a frequency of 27GHz is measured for rods made of polycrystalline CVD diamond plates of 57 and 100mm in diameter grown in the microwave plasma in methane−hydrogen mixtures, and the loss tangent tan δ is determined at a level of the order of 10−3.

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Parkhomenko, M.P., Kalenov, D.S., Fedoseev, N.A. et al. Measurement of the complex permittivity of polycrystalline diamond by the resonator method in the millimeter range. Phys. Wave Phen. 23, 202–208 (2015).

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