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Automated System for Electric Discharge Machining of Polymer Composites


A prototype automatic (robot) system for the electric discharge machining (EDM) of a new generation of Russian polymer composites is described. The system permits more precise manufacturing, lowers production costs, and boosts the global competitiveness of Russian-made machines. Its effectiveness for the electric discharge machining of holes in polymer composite workpieces is demonstrated.

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Financial support was provided by the Perm regional government (project S-26/644).

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Correspondence to T. R. Ablyaz, A. A. Shiryaev, K. R. Muratov or V. V. Osinnikov.

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Translated by B. Gilbert

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Ablyaz, T.R., Shlykov, E.S., Shiryaev, A.A. et al. Automated System for Electric Discharge Machining of Polymer Composites. Russ. Engin. Res. 42, 858–859 (2022).

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  • electric discharge machining (EDM)
  • polymer composites
  • automated systems
  • robot systems
  • perforation
  • hole production