The effect of B4C nanoparticles on the corrosion and tribological behavior of electroless Ni-B-B4C composite coatings


In this study, the electroless method was successfully used to deposit composite coatings containing B4C nanoparticles on Ck45 carbon steel. The characteristics of coatings were investigated with the X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM). The hardness of coatings was measured by Vickers micro-hardness test with a load of 1 N. The hardness of the composite coating of Ni-B-B4C was about 870 Vickers, which increased to 1350 Vickers after heat treatment at 400°C for 1 hour, which was much more than for Ni-B coating and Ck45 steel. The wear test was carried out using the pin-on-disk test technique. The results indicated an improvement in the wear resistance of Ni-B-B4C composite coatings compared to that of Ni-B and Ck45. The results obtained from the Tafel polarization test indicated an increase in the corrosion resistance of Ni-B-B4C composite coatings compared to that of Ni-B coatings and Ck45 steel.

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  • nano-B4C
  • electroless deposition
  • composite coating
  • tribological behavior
  • corrosion