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Electrodeposition of Fe and composite Fe/ZrO2 coatings from a methanesulfonate bath


The electrodeposition of iron and composite iron-zirconia coatings from a methanesulfonate electrolyte was investigated. The current efficiency of iron deposition reaction was stated to be sufficiently higher in methanesulfonate electrolytes than in usual sulfate baths. Iron coatings electrodeposited from a methanesulfonate bath have a nanocrystalline structure. The Fe coatings obtained from methanesulfonate baths are harder than those deposited from sulfate baths because of the strengthening effect by the Hall-Petch mechanism. The composite Fe/ZrO2 coatings can be obtained from the iron electroplating baths containing the particles of zirconia stabilized by 3 mol % yttria. The kinetics of ZrO2 particles co-deposition with iron in methanesulfonate electrolytes obeys Guglielmi’s model. The insertion of zirconia particles into the iron matrix results in an appreciable increase of the coatings microhardness via the dispersion strengthening mechanism.

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