Russian Electrical Engineering

, Volume 89, Issue 1, pp 36–41 | Cite as

On the Use of Electromechanical Systems for Limiting Dynamic Loads in Spring Mechanisms

  • G. Ya. Pyatibratov


Active methods for damping the oscillations and limiting the dynamic loads of spring machine elements that are implemented owing to the additional force effects created by an electric drive providing the reduction of maximum work in spring gears of operated machinery were studied. The main parameters and energy characteristics of electromechanical systems that affect the efficiency of using of active means of dynamic load limitation by an electric drive in spring elements of mechanical gears were determined. It was shown that the maximum value of electric-engine current and its rate of change can decrease the efficiency of the active dynamic load limitation in machines by an electric drive and impede its practical implementation. Analytic equations for calculating the minimax torque (current) values of an engine and EMF of its supplying converter required for an effective decrease of the dynamic loads in spring machine elements were derived. The effects of the hardware and electric-drive parameters on the efficiency of decreasing dynamic loads in spring mechanical gears was specified. Research was performed to determine the efficiency and range of application of the active methods of dynamic load limitation in spring gears of machines using the existing electric drives. The results of the research were used in the implementation of active means of dynamic load limitation by an electric drive in spring gears of the thrust mechanism of an EKG-4.6B mine excavator and the digging mechanisms of EKG-20 excavators, as well as for decreasing the speed and force oscillations of the operating parts of balanced MP-100 manipulators and the weightless environment of zero-gravity simulators for training astronauts.


electric drive resilient gear dynamic loads active damping of machinery oscillations 


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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Platov South-Russian State Polytechnic University (NPI)Novocherkassk, Rostov regionRussia

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