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Features of modes of a multizone integrating controller with an even number of relay elements

  • L. I. TsytovichEmail author
  • O. G. Brylina


Operation modes of an integrating multizone controller with pulse-width modulation frequency and an even number of relay elements are discussed. Integrating multizone controllers have high noise protection, precision, multifunctionality, and simple technical realization. Due to such properties, they make it possible to solve an entire complex of technical problems to improve the resource and energy-efficiency characteristics of systems of technological process control based on these controllers. A block scheme of a multizone regulator with an even number of relay elements is given. Time diagrams of a multizone controller with two and four relay elements are shown so as to explain the principles of its operation. Based on this analysis, recommendations are given for the use of a multizone controller in low-voltage information devices, in particular, in regulators, sensors, etc. The field of application of integrating multizone controllers in control systems of electric drives in technological devices is determined. In particular, an example of construction of a discrete control system of a group of electric drives with parallel control channels is discussed. The block scheme of a discrete control system of the group with an odd number of asynchronous electric water-pump drives controlled by thyristor regulators is presented. Such a solution provides soft-start electric drives with a predetermined limiter of starting current. In the proposed scheme, the main disadvantage of a multizone system with an even number of relay elements is eliminated. In particular, blocking of additional relay element commutation is implemented when the multizone controller switches from one modulation zone to another.


integrating multizone regulator integrator relay element modulation zone pulse-width frequency modulation 


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  1. 1.South Ural State UniversityChelyabinskRussia

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