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Design and implementation of electric drives and control systems for mining excavators


Results of the design and application of new mechatronic systems with dc motors and transistor power transducers for mining excavators are considered. Intelligent motion control provides a high dynamic performance and individual adjustment of drives, eliminating impacts and passing into critical zones. The application of modern dc motor transistor transducers makes it possible to reduce power consumption by 20–30% compared to conventional excavators with Ward–Leonard drives and to reduce the specific power intensity of excavation. The power factor of the excavator is maintained constant and equal to a specified value in all operating modes, which ensures optimum electromagnetic compatibility of the excavator and a feeder line. New intelligent systems provide full control of all the main operating parameters of the excavator, loads on the working bodies, and the condition of all equipment components, as well as analysis and presentation in tabular and graphical form of the basic technological parameters of excavator performance (a volume of loaded mined rock, productive time, energy consumption, etc.). Intelligent systems contain a remote monitoring module. Results of the design and experience in commercial production and operation of mechatronic systems for single-bucket mining excavators with transistor power transducers as a part of main motion electric drives are given.

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Original Russian Text © S.I. Malafeev, A.A. Novgorodov, 2016, published in Elektrotekhnika, 2016, No. 10, pp. 35–40.

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