Russian Electrical Engineering

, Volume 79, Issue 12, pp 685–693 | Cite as

Optimizing a levitating screen of electromechanical converter of forces

  • Ya. R. Abdullaev


A method is developed for the definition and calculation of optimal values of basic parameters and sizes of a levitating screen in an electromechanical converter of forces with a stepwise magnetic conductor. The method takes into account preset values of the superheat temperature of the levitating screen, the depth of the electromagnetic wave penetration into the aluminum screen, and the given range of variation in the external force acting on the screen. An example of the design of the force converter is presented that is based on the developed engineering technique of design.

Key words

electromechanical converter of forces levitating screen excitation winding working stroke specific magnetic conductivity of air gap optimal values of parameters 


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  • Ya. R. Abdullaev

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