Use of Concentrated, Unhydrolyzed Feed Protein Granules for Reared Piglets


The efficiency of concentrated, unhydrolyzed feed protein granules included in the diets for sucking and weaned pigs has been studied. The granule’s effects on the dynamics of production performance and product quality are analyzed. The concentrated, unhydrolyzed feed protein granules represent a soy protein concentrate of a new type, which is free of antibiotics, hormones, and genetically modified organisms. This additive may be included in the basal diet either separately or in a feed mixture as a source of an easily digestible protein with an original amino acid composition. The survey results have proven that the dietary granules contribute to increasing the average daily liveweight gain in piglets by 2.0–2.7%, reducing the feed costs per kg of liveweight gain by 2.2–6.6%, and producing additional total liveweight gain from 8.2 to 14.6%.

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  • sucking pigs
  • weaned pigs
  • production performance
  • meat quality
  • economic efficiency
  • concentrated unhydrolyzed feed protein granules