Growing Season and Productivity of Covered Oats


In 2016–2018, the duration of the growing season and productivity of 136 accessions of covered oats have been studied under the conditions of the Volga-Vyatka region characterized with a short and cool growing season with unstable mode of moistening. The aim was to specify the classification by precocity and to select the sources for use in breeding on adaptability. Groups of genotypes were determined by precocity: early—growing season of 65–80 days; midseason—74–88 days; mid-to-late—79–93 days; late-ripening—80–103 days. It is established that duration of the “seedlings–wax ripeness” period is stable in these groups. Correlation coefficients in pairs between 2016, 2017, and 2018 were significant positive (r = 0.60–0.87). The index of productivity was less stable. The dependence of productivity on the growing season varied from weak to average significant (r = 0.25–0.45). The midseason sources forming stable productivity regardless of the agroclimatic resources' condition were selected: k-3624 II-4032-15C-8C-1C-OC, k-3717 CEV/OBS/PAR, and k-3754 AGA/ESM/SAI//CHI/OBS.

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