Sorption of Metals on Glauconite under Gastrointestinal-Tract Conditions in Calves


The ion-exchange properties of an enterosorbent based on the modified glauconite concentrate (50%) produced from the Bondar deposit have been studied under the conditions of passage through the gastrointestinal tract in calves. Chemical modification of the mineral was performed to transfer it into the Na-form. The experimental calves were daily provided with enterosorbent at a rate of 0.2 g/kg of bodyweight for 6 and 9 days. The characteristics of releasing the metal ions accumulated on the glauconite active surface and removing them via fecal excretion are analyzed. The results of the evaluation for its sorption capacity towards Ni (a toxicant), Cu (a micronutrient), and Ca (a macronutrient) are present. The sorbent manifested a high capacity towards nickel since up to 60% of its total amount was removed from the organism. Its capacity towards copper was assessed as moderate (13%). The sorbent was accumulated in the animal digestive tract for 3–4 days, which contributed to the better copper absorption from inorganic forms under the conditions of its deficiency in the dietary feeds. Providing the animals with enterosorbent at the indicated dose did not cause the loss in calcium absorbed by their bodies.

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