Possibility to Use Combined Preparations for Protecting Potatoes from Pests


In the northwest region of the Russian Federation, studies of the biological effectiveness of combined preparations against wireworms and aphidscarriers of potato viruses—were performed. The effectiveness of new products not yet included in the State Catalog of Pesticides, Bombarda, SC (130 + 90 + 60 g/L), Vibrance Max, SC (262.5 + 25 + 25 g/L) as well as combined insecticides Dekster, SC (115 + 106 g/L) and Eforia, SC (106 + 141 g/L), applied by spraying during the growing season was studied. These preparations provide effective protection of potatoes against wireworms and aphids and can be recommended for use after their state registration and inclusion into the State Catalog of Pesticides and Agrochemicals Approved for Use on the Territory of the Russian Federation.

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