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Immunogenetic Characteristics of Holstein Cattle Reared on Sakhalin

  • E. B. Shukurova
Animal Husbandry


Research into the blood groups among the Holstein cattle reared in Sakhalin oblast was carried out. The antigenic structure of the erythrocytes in blood of 2248 animals on four farms—Sovkhoz Yuzhno- Sakhalinskii Corporation, Timiryazevskii Corporation, Sokolovskii Agricultural Production Cooperative, and Sovkhoz Zarechnoe Corporation—was determined. The analysis of the distribution of the factor antigens was performed. On average, it recorded both a high frequency of occurrence of antigens A2, G2, G3, O2, Y2, E′2, E′3, O′, Q′, C1, C2, E, W, X2, F, J, L, H′, and Z and a low frequency of occurrence of antigens Z′, P, Q, T2, I′, P′, Y′, B″, C′, M, U, and U″ H″. A high level of genetic similarity between the animals was revealed, which can be associated with the conditions for formation and adaptation of the Holstein population on Sakhalin Island. The obtained results may be used to choose the breeds for future perspectives in animal crossbreeding and to design the breeding programs.


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  1. 1.Far East Research Institute of AgricultureKhabarovsk kraiRussia

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