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Suppression of atmospheric corrosion of brass using volatile inhibitors


It is known that brass is the construction material widely used when manufacturing agricultural equipment. An effective volatile inhibitor is offered to protect it from corrosion in the atmosphere of the livestock premises with 100% and close to it relative humidity of the air containing the stimulators of this process—CO2, NH3, H2S—in the concentrations that multiply exceed the background ones. A range of methods—weight corrosion tests and electrochemical measurements (potentiodynamic polarization, polarization resistance, fixed in the automatic mode)—define the conditions under which the inhibitors of the IFKHAN series multiply slow down the corrosion of brass. The general corrosion rate of L62 brass is decreased ten times in the presence of all studied inhibitors of this series in the atmosphere containing up to 20 mg/m3 of H2S and 100% relative humidity. It is most reasonable to use the IFKHAN-112 inhibitor with the ammonia content up to 30 mg/m3 in the maximum humid atmosphere.

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