Assessment of attractiveness of objects of landscape architecture heritage in the territories of the Volga upland


This article describes the experiments on identifying the attractiveness of the objects of landscape architecture heritage in the Volga upland, which confirm the need to restore this kind of landscaping for the formation of a landscape-ecological and recreational framework. The novelty of the study lies in a new method of approach that is expressed in the mathematical calculation of attractiveness and determination of the recreational effect without a site visit, based on only a topographic map and satellite images with the indication of the object and its natural environment. In this regard, the regression mathematical model of attractiveness is derived, and the recreational effect of various historical objects of landscape architecture is established.

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Correspondence to O. B. Sokolskaya.

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Original Russian Text © K.N. Kulik, O.B. Sokolskaya, P.N. Proezdov, 2017, published in Rossiiskaya Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya Nauka, 2017, No. 2, pp. 26–29.

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  • attractiveness
  • landscape heritage
  • historical landscape-architectural complexes
  • restoration
  • mathematical model