Environmental genetic features and diagnosis of alluvial marsh marled soils in the dry-steppe subtropical zone of the Kura floodplain


This article presents the results of the research of the soil-forming process of alluvial hydromorphic soils of the dry-steppe subtropical zone in the Kura River floodplain. It has been established that the nearterrace mineralized spring waters significantly influence the genetic profile of alluvial marsh marled soils. The morphogenetic properties and basic physicochemical parameters of these soils have been described. The group and fractional composition of the humus, which is distinguished by a high mobility of humic acids, has been investigated. The bulk chemical composition of the soils showed that alkaline hydrolysis conditions lead to a significant reduction of aluminum silicates and a growth of CaO carbonate forms. Due to a high carbonate content of alluvial marsh marled soils, the content of the mobile ferric form (Fe2+–Fe3+) is relatively low.

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Original Russian Text © V.G. Gasanov, 2017, published in Rossiiskaya Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya Nauka, 2017, No. 2, pp. 38–43.

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  • alluvial soils
  • terrace
  • humus
  • carbonate
  • marled soils
  • soil salinization
  • fractional humus composition
  • groundwaters