Mechanization and automation of working processes of tillage and seeding


A new layout of the working elements of the chisel cultivator is presented: V-shaped weeps with the chisel rippers on the end and tooth spring harrows allowing to use the chisel cultivator for primary autumn soil tillage after harvesting. With installation of the rippers in the form of the shank together with the V-shaped weeps, it is possible to carry out solid surface tillage, cut the weeds fully, loosen the lower horizon, level the surface of the tilled field, and improve the water-air regime of the soil. A new model of the cultivator tooth is created performing simultaneously cultivation of the soil layer, cutting of the weeds, and para-plowing. The structure of the chisel cultivator permits the reduction of the metal consumption by 20% as compared to the prototype without worsening the quality of the soil tillage. The pneumatic sowing machine was developed proving single-seed, combined, and bunch planting.

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