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Use of the IFKhAN type of volatile inhibitors for protection of steel equipment in the atmosphere of the livestock premises


High-efficient volatile inhibitors are offered for protection against corrosion of steel agricultural equipment located on livestock premises in the atmosphere with the relative humidity of approximating 100% and containing the maximum allowable concentration of the corrosion stimulants—CO2, NH3, H2S—for these conditions. It is shown using the method of the weight corrosion tests and electrochemical potentiodynamic measurements that, in the presence of up to 25 mg/m3 of CO2, the IFKhAN-8, IFKhAN-112, and IFKhAN-118 volatile inhibitors of new generation permitted the almost complete suppression of the corrosion of the carbon steel St3. In the presence of these inhibitors in the atmosphere containing up to 20 mg/m3 of H2S and 100% relative humidity, the rate of the general corrosion of this steel is reduced 30 times and more. Only in the presence of up to 30 mg/m3 of ammonia in the maximum humid atmosphere is the corrosion suppressed two times. In the latter case, it is most reasonable to use the IFKhAN-112 volatile inhibitor with the pressure of the saturated vapor of 0.133 Pa.

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