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Application of IFHAN-118 volatile inhibitor to protect agricultural equipment against atmospheric corrosion


This article suggests a highly effective volatile inhibitor for anticorrosion protection of agricultural equipment stored in closed premises with a highly aggressive atmosphere. The protective efficiency of IFHAN-118 new-generation volatile inhibitor has been studied by weight corrosion tests and electrochemical potential dynamic measurements at corrosion of St3 steel and L62 brass in the atmosphere with 100% relative air humidity and in 0.1 M of NaCl solution. For 1360 hours of exposure to the environment, the rate of steel corrosion dropped hundredfold. The protective effect of the inhibitor on brass is much weaker. In different periods of exposure to the environment, the corrosion rate dropped 6.5-to-9-fold. In neutral 0.1 M NaCl solutions, IFHAN-118 significantly inhibits the anode reaction of metal ionization on steel. Applied to brass, IFHAN-118 also slows down the cathode recovery of dissolved oxygen (500 mg/L); this is the only cathode reaction in the studied conditions. As shown by polarization measurements, IFHAN-118 is an efficient corrosion inhibitor in animal farming premises, tropical and subtropical climate, and marine atmosphere, when the surface moisture phase film can be saturated with alkaline metal chlorides. The optimal inhibitor concentration on steel and brass surfaces is 150 and 5 mg/L, respectively.

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