Effect of aqueous lyosol of turpentine oil on erythrocyte distribution by osmotic resistance


To study the possibility of using turpentine oil and other turpentines as adjuvants, the effects of aqueous lyosols of turpentine oil on the erythrocyte distribution by osmotic resistance were analyzed. In our study, differential osmoerythrograms obtained by modifying the Idelson’s approach to the erythrocyte osmotic resistance measurement were utilized. It was found that, when turpentine oil content in the lyosol was insufficient for direct hemolysis, four concentration zones with corresponding effects can be distinguished: I—<0.014 g/L; II—0.014–0.1 g/L; III—0.11–0.14 g/L; IV—>0.14 g/L. It was assumed that the detected effect will allow controlling the intravascular hemolysis when using terpenoids as adjuvants.

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Original Russian Text © Ya.Ya. Tynio, V.E. Novikov, G.V. Morozova, 2016, published in Rossiiskaya Sel’skokhozyaistvennaya Nauka, 2016, No. 1, pp. 57–59.

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  • erythrocyte
  • hemolysis
  • osmoerythrogram