Associativity of selected traits in Aginskaya semicoarse wool sheep


Research findings in the phenotypic correlations of the live weight to the body measurements and the body conformation indices in the replacement young stock of the semicoarse wool sheep of the Aginskaya breed have been reported. It is ascertained that males surpass the females in the live weight and the body measurements. The calculation of the conformation indices has shown that the rams compared to the ewes are more massive, more compact, and wider, while the ewes differ in leg length and elongation. A high positive correlation between the live weight and the chest girth is established both in males and females (r = 0.751; r = 0.688, respectively). In ram lambs, a high positive correlation between the live weight and the measurements characterizing the meat quality of sheep (the depth, width, and girth of the chest; the width between hip bones) has been revealed.

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  • sheep
  • Aginskaya breed
  • replacement young stock
  • conformation
  • live weight
  • body conformation indices