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Improving the Tribological Properties of Polyethylene Products by Modification with Metal Chelate Complexes


The results of studying the improvement of tribological properties of polyethylene products by modification with Nd and Al chelate complexes containing bulky tert-butyl groups in the ligand surrounding are given. The effect of additives on the coefficient of friction and wear of friction parts under static load is studied. The influence of coordination compounds on thermomechanical characteristics of polymers is studied. It is shown the treatment of polyethylene with Nd and Al complexes gives rise to a 1.2- to 1.5-fold decrease in the coefficient of friction and a 1.5- to 2-fold increase in the wear resistance.

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Danusina, G.A., Derlugian, P.D., Shishka, V.G. et al. Improving the Tribological Properties of Polyethylene Products by Modification with Metal Chelate Complexes. J. Frict. Wear 40, 321–325 (2019).

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  • polyethylene
  • surface modification
  • chelate compounds
  • coefficient of friction
  • thermomechanical properties
  • nanostructure