Molecular Dynamics of a Thin Liquid Argon Layer Squeezed between Diamond Surfaces with a Periodic Relief


The behavior of a liquid argon layer compressed between absolutely solid diamond surfaces with a periodic atomic relief has been studied by the method of molecular dynamics. The film consists of one or two layers of molecules for which the model of absolutely elastic spheres has been used. The equilibrium and dynamic properties of the film dependently on the load and shear force applied to surfaces and the number of argon layers have been investigated. The performed modeling allows us to compare the behavior of systems with smooth and rough plates. The results show that most of the properties of ultrathin argon films confined between surfaces of both types are similar.

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Correspondence to A. V. Khomenko.

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Original Russian Text © A.V. Khomenko, D.V. Boyko, M.V. Zakharov, 2018, published in Trenie i Iznos, 2018, Vol. 39, No. 2, pp. 192–199.

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Khomenko, A.V., Boyko, D.V. & Zakharov, M.V. Molecular Dynamics of a Thin Liquid Argon Layer Squeezed between Diamond Surfaces with a Periodic Relief. J. Frict. Wear 39, 152–157 (2018).

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  • molecular dynamics
  • tribology
  • boundary friction
  • ultrathin argon film
  • computer experiment
  • interatomic interaction potentials