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Synergetic representation of stick-slip mode of boundary friction



The melting of an ultrathin lubricating film clamped between two atomically smooth solid surfaces that are in relative motion is studied based on the Lorentz model for the approximation of a viscoelastic medium. An equation of motion for the stresses has been derived in the form of a three-order differential equation and analyzed at various friction surface temperatures. In all cases, the phase portraits and the time dependences of the stresses have been plotted. It has been found that, depending on the temperature and the lubricant parameters, either the damped oscillation mode or the stochastic oscillation mode may occur. The stochastic oscillation mode is presented in the phase plane as a strange attractor. It has been shown that initial conditions have a critical effect on the system behavior. Based on the model, the behavior of two types of tribosystems, i.e., with the unidirectional shear of the surfaces and under an alternating external effect, has been described.


boundary friction friction force shear stresses strange attractor Lorentz system 


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