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Effect of orienting coatings on the apparent activation energy of boundary film destruction


The apparent activation energy of seizure in boundary lubrication was calculated using the temperature-kinetic approach to the description of boundary lubrication. The tests were carried out with the ball-on-disc machine. The ball was made of chromium ball-bearing steel and the disc was made of stainless steel. Discs made of stainless steel coated with aluminum nitride and high-ordered polycrystalline carbon were also used. The pair was lubricated with model lubricants. It was shown that the apparent activation energy of seizure in friction against steel coated with carbon is by almost an order of magnitude higher than in friction against uncoated steel.

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Original Russian Text © I.A. Buyanovskii, Yu.N. Drozdov, Z.V. Ignatieva, T.M. Savinova, V.A. Levchenko, V.N. Matveenko, 2007, published in Trenie i Iznos, 2007, Vol. 28, No. 1, pp. 15–20.

Recommended by Organizing Committee of the International Scientific Conference “Tribology for Mechanical Engineering” (September 19–22, 2006, Moscow, Russia)

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Buyanovskii, I.A., Drozdov, Y.N., Ignatieva, Z.V. et al. Effect of orienting coatings on the apparent activation energy of boundary film destruction. J. Frict. Wear 28, 12–18 (2007).

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Key words

  • boundary lubrication
  • lubricity
  • orienting coatings
  • activation energy
  • structure ordering