Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves from a Round Hole Located between Vacuum and Matter with a Refraction Index Different from One


The diffraction of an electromagnetic wave from a round hole on an opaque screen is studied when there is no vacuum on the opposite sides of the screen, as is usually considered, but on one side there is a refractive medium and on the other—vacuum. The diffraction peculiarities due to the fact that the medium into which the wave penetrates from the vacuum have a refractive index different from one are revealed. The case of diffraction in an anisotropic medium with the property of birefringence is also considered.

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The study was carried out with the financial support of the State Commit-tee for Science of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Armenia within the framework of the project no. 18Т-1С395.

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Correspondence to A. A. Lalayan.

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Translated by V. Musakhanyan

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Mkrtchyan, A.R., Lalayan, A.A., Yeritsyan, H.S. et al. Diffraction of Electromagnetic Waves from a Round Hole Located between Vacuum and Matter with a Refraction Index Different from One. J. Contemp. Phys. 55, 314–316 (2020). https://doi.org/10.3103/S1068337220040118

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  • diffraction of electromagnetic waves
  • refraction index