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Effect of In and Al interdiffusion on electron states and light absorption in InxGa1−x As/AlyGa1−y As quantum dots


A new method of theoretical investigation of the interdiffusion effect on electron states in quantum dots is proposed. The main point of the method is the replacement of the “veritable” confining potential formed due to the diffusion by a model potential, for which the Schrödinger equation solutions and the energy spectrum are known. In the framework of the proposed method we calculate the positions of edges of the conduction and heavy hole bands and the absorption coefficient of interband transitions depending on the diffusion length in spherical InxGa1−x As/AlyGa1−y As quantum dots, using the Wood-Saxon potential as a model one.

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Original Russian Text © V.N. Mughnetsyan, A.A. Kirakosyan, 2007, published in Izvestiya NAN Armenii, Fizika, 2007, Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 83–91.

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