GHz Repetition Rate of Picosecond Pulses in a Nd:YAG Waveguide Laser


A passive mode locking Nd:YAG waveguide laser with a gigahertz pulse repetition rate is presented. Single-layer graphene is used as the saturable absorber. A tubular waveguide in the active medium was developed to provide generation of only the fundamental transverse mode. Due to this approach, stable generation of pulses with a duration of < 20 ps and a repetition rate of 9.8 GHz was achieved.

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Correspondence to M. V. Ponarina.

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Russian Text © M.V. Ponarina, A.G. Okhrimchuk, M.G. Rybin, P.A. Obraztsov, 2019, published in Kratkie Soobshcheniya po Fizike, 2019, Vol. 46, No. 3, pp. 35–40.

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Ponarina, M.V., Okhrimchuk, A.G., Rybin, M.G. et al. GHz Repetition Rate of Picosecond Pulses in a Nd:YAG Waveguide Laser. Bull. Lebedev Phys. Inst. 46, 100–103 (2019).

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  • waveguide lasers
  • ultrashort pulses
  • gigahertz pulse repetition rate
  • Nd:YAG
  • mode locking
  • graphene