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Laplace invariants for a fourth-order equation with two independent variables


We construct the Laplace invariants for an equation with the leading partial derivative. We write defining equations in terms of the Laplace invariants. We obtain classes of equations admitting four-dimensional Lie algebras.

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Correspondence to L. B. Mironova.

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Original Russian Text © A.N. Mironov, L.B. Mironova, 2014, published in Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii. Matematika, 2014, No. 10, pp. 27–34.

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Mironov, A.N., Mironova, L.B. Laplace invariants for a fourth-order equation with two independent variables. Russ Math. 58, 22–28 (2014).

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  • equations with leading partial derivative
  • Laplace invariants
  • Lie algebra