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Discretization of solutions to a wave equation, numerical differentiation, and function recovery with the help of computer (computing) diameter


We study three concretizations of the notion of computer (computing) diameter, namely, the discretization of solutions to the Klein-Gordon equation, numerical differentiation, and function recovery.

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Correspondence to N. Temirgaliev.

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Original Russian Text © N. Temirgaliev, Sh.K. Abikenova, A.Zh. Zhubanysheva, and G.E. Taugynbaeva, 2013, published in Izvestiya Vysshikh Uchebnykh Zavedenii. Matematika, 2013, No. 8, pp. 86–93.

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Temirgaliev, N., Abikenova, S.K., Zhubanysheva, A.Z. et al. Discretization of solutions to a wave equation, numerical differentiation, and function recovery with the help of computer (computing) diameter. Russ Math. 57, 75–80 (2013).

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Keywords and phrases

  • computer (computing) diameter
  • discretization of solutions to differential equations
  • operator discretization
  • function recovery
  • informative cardinality of given set of functionals
  • limiting accuracy