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, Volume 35, Issue 4, pp 195–213 | Cite as

Developments in synthesis, characterization, and application of large, high-quality CVD single crystal diamond

  • Q. Liang
  • Y. F. Meng
  • C. -S. Yan
  • S. Krasnicki
  • J. Lai
  • K. Hemawan
  • H. Shu
  • D. Popov
  • T. Yu
  • W. Yang
  • H. K. Mao
  • R. J. Hemley
Production, Structure, Properties


Single crystal diamond synthesis by microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition at rapid growth rate has considerably advanced in the past few years. Developments have been made in growth, optical quality, and mechanical properties. Of the various types of single crystal diamond that can be produced using these techniques, high quality single crystal CVD diamond can be routinely produced, and this material is playing an increasing role in research on materials under extreme conditions. This article highlights recent developments in single crystal CVD diamond synthesis and characterization, as well as various applications in high-pressure materials research.


single crystal diamond chemical vapor deposition (CVD) high pressure annealing hardness toughness photoluminescence infrared spectroscopy cathodoluminescence absorption X-ray diffraction X-ray spectroscopy microwave deposition plasma 


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