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The efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment with the reconstructed activated sludge method

Journal of Water Chemistry and Technology Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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Centralized wastewater treatment policy is a common challenge in Hungary. With the recent technology improvement of the Debrecen Wastewater Treatment Plant, the original activated sludge function system’s maximum load is doubled, making it able to treat the effluents of 7 settlements total. The introduced new technical constructions however required strict attention to be successfully integrated into the existing system. Retrofitting the overall processes caused disturbances affecting certain parameters in the biological treatment, thus modifying water quality of the effluent. Our experiments had aimed to control the performance of the plant after the reconstruction during test phase for more than a year period. It has been found that a slight increase of removal efficiency was achieved in the observed parameters of COD, BOD5, TP, SS, while TN remained in a moderate degree of enhancement. Retention effectiveness has begun to escalate significantly after a year of operation.

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Original Russian Text © Z. Veres, J. Ditrói, G. Tóth, T. Mester, G. Lakatos, 2014, published in Khimiya i Tekhnologiya Vody, 2014, Vol. 36, No. 3, pp. 255–265.

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Veres, Z., Ditrói, J., Tóth, G. et al. The efficiency of municipal wastewater treatment with the reconstructed activated sludge method. J. Water Chem. Technol. 36, 139–143 (2014).

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