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Surface Energy upon the Martensitic Phase Transition in Microsized Samples of Ni–Mn–Ga–Cu Heusler Alloy


Thermodynamic potentials are used to describe a shift in the characteristic temperature of the magnetostructural phase transition in samples thinned to micrometer and nanometer dimensions. Allowing for the value of the metal surface tension, it is shown that reducing the sample thickness to 50 nm can raise the characteristic temperature by 18 K.

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This work was performed as part of the Program of Enhancing the Competitive Ability 5-100 of Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University. Its theoretical part was supported by the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Moscow City Government, project no. 19-37-70012.

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Correspondence to A. V. Mashirov.

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Translated by O. Polyakov

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Mashirov, A.V., Kamantsev, A.P., Kuznetsov, D.D. et al. Surface Energy upon the Martensitic Phase Transition in Microsized Samples of Ni–Mn–Ga–Cu Heusler Alloy. Bull. Russ. Acad. Sci. Phys. 85, 751–754 (2021).

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  • thermodynamic potentials
  • magnetostructural phase transition
  • characteristic temperature shift
  • metal surface tension
  • sample thickness
  • Heusler alloy