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Study of Local Fields of Dendrite Nanostructures in Hot Spots Formed on SERS-Active Substrates Produced via Template-Assisted Synthesis


A procedure is proposed for template-assisted synthesis on track membranes using iodide electrolyte to produce substrates with dendritic nanostructures formed on the tips of silver nanowires. The distribution of the electromagnetic field near a silver nanorhombus irradiated with visible laser radiation is modeled because the dendrite branches are rhombus-shaped nanoparticles. Calculations indicate considerable enhancement of the local electric fields near the sharp tops of the nanorhombus.

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Fig. 1.
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The measurements were made using equipment at the shared resource center of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Center “Crystallography and Photonics.”


This work was performed as part of a State Task for Moscow State Pedagogical University on the topic “Physics of Nanostructured Materials: Fundamental Research and Applications in Materials Science, Nanotechnology, and Photonics.”

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