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Fission and Quasi-Fission in Reactions with Deformed Nuclei


The mass-energy distributions of fragments formed in reactions 16,18O + 232Th, 238U, and 22Ne + 232Th, 238U at energies near the Coulomb barrier are measured to study the role of multimodal fission in the reactions of light ions with strongly deformed actinide nuclei. It is found that at these energies, multimodal fission affects significantly the mass–energy and angular distributions of fragments that results in an increase of the width of mass distributions and large angular anisotropy as in the case of quasifission.

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This work was supported by a joint grant from the Russian Science Foundation and the Indian Department of Science and Technology, project no. 19-42-02014.

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Correspondence to Yu. M. Itkis.

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Translated by V. Alekseev

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