Properties of intermediate GRBs subset, according to the GBM, BAT, and BATSE data

  • I. V. ArkhangelskajaEmail author
Proceedings of the 34th National Conference on Cosmic Rays


The duration of gamma ray bursts (GRBs) is usually characterized by time interval t 90, in which the total number of registered counts grows from 5 to 95%. Classes of short and long GRBs were first detected in analyzing the BATSE experiment data from the Compton Gamma Ray Observatory (CGRO); burst duration separation point was found to be t 90lim ~2 s. A group of bursts of intermediate duration was first detected in analyzing the data of the same experiment in 1999 in the interval of ~1 to ~40 s with an average event duration of 〈t 90〉 ~ 3.5 s. The results from analyzing the catalog of gamma-ray burst data selected while ground processing BATSE data (i.e., the catalog of nontriggered events) showed that the intensity of intermediate bursts is lower than that of short and long bursts. Preliminary results from investigating the GBM catalog (onboard the Fermi Space Observatory) and the BAT catalog (onboard the Swift satellite) confirm the detection of events with similar properties.


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