Monte Carlo event generators for NICA/MPD and CBM experiments

  • A. S. GaloyanEmail author
  • V. V. Uzhinsky
Proceedings of the LXV International Conference “Nuclei 2015: New Horizons in Nuclear Physics, Nuclear Power Engineering, and Femto- and Nanotechnologies” (LXV International Meeting on Nuclear Spectroscopy and the Structure of Atomic Nuclei)


An improved version of the Glauber Monte Carlo simulation program is proposed that allows on to estimate the geometric properties of nucleus–nucleus interactions in energy range \(\sqrt {{S_{NN}}} \) of 5 GeV to 20 TeV. It is shown that the geometric properties of interactions at energies of 5–10 GeV (NICA/MPD and CBM) are quite close to those at an energy of 200 GeV (RHIC). The geometric properties can be derived from experimentally observable quantities using different techniques. The most promising of these is the registration of spectator neutrons from nuclear residuals. It is shown that event generators predict different multiplicities of produced neutrons. The registration of neutrons will be a great step in our understanding of the decay of nuclei in highly excited states.


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