Diffraction of electromagnetic waves by concave circumferential surfaces: Application for hybrid reflector antennas

  • O. P. PonomarevEmail author
Proceedings of the XI All-Russia Seminar “Wave Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Media”


A particular problem of diffraction of electromagnetic waves by an ideally conducting hemispherical reflector and model problems of excitation of an ideally conducting hemisphere by a current ring have been solved. Designs of hybrid reflector antennas and diffraction arrays on the basis of reflectors with a circular profile are proposed. Designs of packaged exciters of hybrid reflector antennas and diffraction arrays have been developed.


Directional Pattern Microstrip Antenna Whisper Gallery Mode Side Lobe Level Spherical Bessel Function 
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  1. 1.Baltic Fishing Fleet State AcademyKaliningradRussia

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