Photoinduced birefringence in layers of benzaldehyde-containing polymers and its temperature sensitivity

  • V. V. Mahilny
  • A. V. Trofimova
Proceedings of the XI All-Russia Seminar “Wave Phenomena in Inhomogeneous Media”


The postexposure kinetics of photoinduced birefringence in benzaldehyde-containing polymer layers at temperatures exceeding the recording temperature have been considered. It is experimentally shown that the heating-induced photoanisotropy changes have a reversible character due to the rotational relaxation of benzaldehyde units.


Azobenzene Rotational Diffusion Optical Anisotropy Rotational Relaxation Birefringence Measurement 
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Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.Belarussian State UniversityMinskBelarus

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